This was the solemn exposition to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Shroud residing in Turin from Chambéry with the cloth on display above the Cathedral main altar from august 26 to october 8.

The Shroud being taken back to Turin after the war.

It was the first exposition after 45 years. In the most dreadful period of the second world war the then archbishop of Turin, the cardinal Maurilio Fossati, took the Shroud to the Montevergine sanctuary in province of Avellino where the war had already come to an end. It was taken back to Turin at the end of the war. In 43 days more than 3 million pilgrims entered the Cathedral to view, meditate and pray in front of the holy Linen.

After having been exposed laid over a rotating table, the Shroud was examined directly (measures and observations lasted 120 consecutive hours) by 44 italian and foreign experts.