Welcome to the official website of the Shroud: www.sindone.org is the online service of the Diocesan Commission for the Shroud. During public expositions this site is the “container” of all the services concerning the exposition (reservations, practical information, links to all the other realities that deal with the exposition and the Shroud). In the times of “repositioning” of the cloth, the site wants to be above all two things:

a documentation tool, in which all the main information on the Shroud, its history, its religious and pastoral significance are collected and quickly accessible (starting from the red bar above the large photograph, on this same home page);

the “voice of the Custodian”. The Shroud, owned by the Holy See, is entrusted to the archbishop of Turin in custody. This site will contain the official information that the Custodian will want to communicate; at the moment, in the section expressly dedicated to the Custody, the interventions and words of the archbishop relating to the Shroud are collected;

it would also like to be an information contribution for those who intend to come to Turin and wish to deepen their knowledge of the Shroud and the religious and cultural context in which it is inserted. This is an important heritage, the value of which is being discovered: from the Museum of the Shroud to the churches of the historic center that preserve memories of the expositions or the passage of the Cloth, to widespread devotion.

This is why the site intends to offer documentation and material on the Cloth and everything concerning it: from 1978 onwards, the experience of public exhibitions and the great interest that has shown around the Cloth around the world have made a “pastoral dimension” grow. Of the Shroud which was previously less relevant and known. Instead, starting from the Magisterium of the Popes there is now a “literature” that looks not only at the scientific aspects but also at those ecclesial initiatives that have taken inspiration from the Shroud. The site therefore aims to gradually enrich the sections of “life of faith” with new materials, always in close relationship with the activities and initiatives of the Commission for the Shroud, the body of the diocese of Turin, established by the Custos, who has the task of serving the Cloth.

Marco Bonatti

Responsible of www.sindone.org